Butcher Knife, Cheese Knife

Everyone who prepares food even occasionally needs a butcher knife from time to time. Of course, a really serious cook will use a butcher knife practically every single day. And not just for particularly tough meats and poultry, either. Fact is, even a vegetarian could find uses for a good butcher knife. But when it comes to kitchen cutlery sets, you probably think that you have basically two choices. Either go to a specialty store and prepare to spend hundreds of dollars to purchase a cold steel cutlery set from the likes of Henckels or Wusthof. Or go down to your local big box discount retailer and get a cheap, poorly designed and manufactured set that you'll be lucky if you get even a year's worth of service out of.

But now there is a viable alternative. A third choice, if you will. Miracle Blade Knives. Miracle Blade Knives are designed to have the quality and features of the kitchen cutlery sets that you'll find in those upscale specialty stores. Without the upscale price tag. Take the Miracle Blade cheese knife, for example. It's a cheese knife that you could proudly place alongside the finest imported brie at a toney art gallery opening. Yet the Miracle Blade cheese knife is well within the budget of even a struggling, as-yet-undiscovered new talent.

What is life without fresh-baked bread, still warm from the oven? Of course, to properly serve and savor this bread, you'll need a bread knife. Not just any bread knife, mind you. We strongly recommend the Miracle Blade bread knife for best results. It's one component of the Miracle Blade III set. You'll also receive a Miracle Blade® slicer, Rock 'n Chop, fillet and boning knife, Chop 'n Scoop, paring knife, kitchen shears, and four steak and utility knives. As a bonus for ordering, you will receive a second Miracle Blade®. Eleven pieces altogether. Miracle Blade Knives are high quality enough to bring out for your most important guests, yet durable enough (and affordable enough) for practical, everyday use with your family. So whether you're slicing the fanciest marbled rye bread from the corner bakery, or simply cutting a peanut butter & jelly sandwich in two, the Miracle Blade bread knife is the right tool for the job.

Never find yourself short of a butcher knife, a cheese knife, or a bread knife again. Order your Miracle Blade Knives today. Or simply call 1-800-539-0832.