Cutting Boards, Miracle Blade Block

If you're serious about preparing great meals in your kitchen, cutting boards are one accessory you cannot live without. Especially when you're working with cutting and chopping implements as sharp as Miracle Blade Knives. Although wood (particularly maple) has traditionally been the material of choice for cutting boards, many popular cutting boards are now made from glass and plastic. The most important features to look for are ease of cleaning and sanitation, and minimizing the wear and tear on both your cutting blades and your countertops. Wooden cutting boards tend to be particularly resistant to the growth of harmful food-borne bacteria, as well as more forgiving to knife blades. Plastic cutting boards are also easy to sanitize when they're relatively new. However, the multitude of tiny knife cuts the collect after years of use create crevices that become the perfect breeding grounds for bacteria and food-borne illnesses. Glass cutting boards do not share this problem, and are generally dishwasher-safe. The biggest drawback to glass cutting boards (besides the potential for breakage) is that their hard surface takes a toll on sharp knives.

A common, ordinary knife drawer for your Miracle Blade Knives? We don't think so! Actually, we highly recommend the Miracle Blade Block. The Miracle Blade Block is an accessory that belongs in any gourmet kitchen, and fits in with almost any décor. In fact, the Miracle Blade Block is almost like a small piece of furniture. Made from quality hardwoods to resemble a classic butcher's block, the Miracle Blade Block will safely store (and handsomely display) all your Miracle Blade Knives and accessories right there within easy reach whenever you need them. If you were to find a similar piece of furniture in a retail shop, you could expect to pay at least $50 for it. However, when you order from us online or through our 800 number, you'll pay only $29.95 each, plus $9.95 for shipping and processing. To sweeten the deal even more, we'll even throw in 4 Miracle Blade Steak Knives ABSOLUTELY FREE!

Once you've tricked out your gourmet kitchen with your Miracle Board and a Miracle Block, you'll want some Miracle Blade Knives, too. Miracle Blade Knives come in a wide variety of sizes for most every purpose in the kitchen: Paring knives, steak knives, filet knives, butcher knives, chef (French) knives, boning knives, Rock N Chop knives, and more. And because they're Miracle Blade Knives, of course they come with our famous 30-day money back guarantee. If, for any reason, you aren't pleased with your Miracle Blade Knives or accessories, simply return them within 30 days for a prompt and cheerful refund, less shipping and processing.

Whatever you need in the way of cutting boards, Miracle Blade Knives, or Miracle Blocks, we're right here for you. Order your Miracle Blade Knives today. Or simply call 1-800-539-0832.