How many knives are included along with the
Miracle Blade® III?

You receive a 10-piece knife set. Included is the Miracle Blade® slicer, Rock 'n Chop, fillet and boning knife, Chop 'n Scoop, paring knife, kitchen shears, and four steak and utility knives. As a bonus for ordering, you will receive a second Miracle Blade®. Totaling 11-Pieces.

What is the distinct feature of the knives such as the
Rock 'n Chop and the Chop 'n Scoop?

The feature is the Acu-Grip Control Ball and its unique design that actually helps you chop.

What is the purpose of the quick release for the
Miracle Blade® Rock 'n Chop?

It releases the food from the knife so the food does not stick.

How many steak knives are included free with the
purchase of a Miracle Blade® Block?

There are 4 steak knives that are included.

Is there a 30-day money back guarantee on the knives?

Yes there is a 30-day money back guarantee less shipping and processing.