Henckles Knives, Wusthof Knives

Henckles Knives have been a fixture in better kitchens since Peter Henckels forged his very first blade back in 1731 in Solingen, Germany. In the 275+ years since then, Henckles Knives have developed such a well-known reputation for quality that they are often called the "Premium Brand". You will, make no mistake, pay a substantial premium for that quality. In the United States, Henckles Knives are most often sold through department and specialty stores (including those gourmet cookware shops found in many shopping malls) that typically enjoy a very high markup on the merchandise that they sell. Miracle Blade Knives and accessories, on the other hand, are premium quality cutlery that is sold directly to the public through this Website, thereby passing the retailer (and the retail markup).

Wusthof Knives, by comparison, are a relative newcomer, dating back to 1814 and also based in Solingen. Most Wusthof Knives, with the exception of a few series, are still forged rather than stamped. Wusthof Knives have been the blade of choice for many famous chefs over the years. Again, just like Henckles Knives, a first-quality product, beyond any doubt. With a first-quality price tag attached to it at the many fine department and specialty stores that carry the Wusthof line. Miracle Blade Knives are also a premium line of forged (not stamped) cutlery with blades that have been engineered to remain much sharper much longer. The biggest difference? The price. Miracle Blade is not sold through retailers that demand a huge markup. Heck, it isn't sold through retailers, period. You can only purchase it through this Website or our 800 number. At substantial savings.

Miracle Blade Knives are a complete line of premium quality cutlery sold without the premium prices. Miracle Blade Knives, made famous by the celebrity Chef Tony, are designed to completely serve the cutlery needs of any kitchen, be it professional or home. Miracle Blade Knives are made from finely-crafted stainless steel and employ the highest quality craftsmanship. Supplemental kitchen tools designed to meet all the needs of your kitchen, such as high quality cutting boards, knife blocks, cutting shears, and efficient chopping devices are also available through Miracle Blade. And because you're dealing directly with us, we pass the savings right along to you. What's more, all of our products come with a 30-day money-back guarantee (less shipping and processing).

Why pay ridiculous department or specialty store prices for quality cutlery? Order your Miracle Blade Knives today. Or simply call 1-800-539-0832