Wooden Cutting Boards, Miracle Blade Block

A wooden cutting board is among the simplest and most basic pieces of equipment found in any kitchen. And you will find a wooden cutting board in most kitchens. That's because a wooden cutting board is one of those ideas that was so good to begin with, it's rather difficult to improve upon it. Generally speaking, they are manufactured from a high grade of hardwood, with sugar maple and beech tending to be the preferred woods. One of the most common (and most aesthetically pleasing) types of wooden cutting boards is the butcher block. Actually, there are two primary variations on the butcher block. The first is an end-grain butcher block, and it's created by placing many small pieces of hardwood both parallel and vertically into a larger wooden slab. This creates an extremely dense block of wood that can stand up well to even the largest kitchen knives. The other kind is called an edge grain butcher block, and it's formed by placing several horizontal pieces of wood together to form a larger slab of wood. Although not nearly as strong as an end-grain butcher block, an edge grain is much less expensive to purchase. Both types of wooden cutting boards are relatively easy to keep clean and sanitary.

The Miracle Blade Block may not be the largest piece of furniture in your kitchen, but it will be a welcome addition, regardless of the décor. Made from quality hardwoods to resemble a classic butcher's block, the Miracle Blade Block will safely store (and handsomely display) all your Miracle Blade Knives and accessories right there within easy reach whenever you need them. The Miracle Blade Block will also coordinate with your Miracle Board wooden cutting board. (Yes, that's a hint.) And since we're selling it directly to you, it will only cost you maybe half of what a fine piece of furniture like this would in a department or specialty store.

Miracle Blade Knives are a collection of fine cutlery that's designed to be inexpensive and practical enough for everyday use around your kitchen. Like their pricier counterparts, Miracle Blade Knives are forged, not stamped, and are designed to stay sharp indefinitely, even with regular use. Miracle Blade Knives are formed from stainless steel, using great skill and craftsmanship, for many years of faithful service in your kitchen. And because you're dealing directly with us, we pass the savings right along to you. What's more, all of our products come with a 30-day money-back guarantee (less shipping and processing).

Why pay outrageous retail prices for quality cutlery? Order your Miracle Blade Knives (and accessories) today. Or simply call 1-800-539-0832.