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Ben Y. - "I don't have a question, just a recent story of how impressed I am with this product. I bought the miracle blades back in 2002. I don't have all the knifes any longer due to friends taking off with them or lost. Recently we had a severe thunderstorm blow through our town. I awoke the next morning to find a huge 13ft branch down over my power lines in the backyard. To get to the point, the only thing I could find to use in order to get this branch out of the way was my all purpose slicer. I had to use it like a machete and chop up the branches limb by limb. After I got done I was just curious to how sharp the blade would still be. I pick up a piece of paper and it sliced right through it like the blade was brand new. Great product. Thank you!"
John T. - "Very easy to use. I use them every day!"
Isidoro F. - "They are very reliable."
Joel B. - "Cooking has become quick and easy. My Rock 'n Chop is my go to knife."
Maria C. - "Never need to sharpen and never bought any other knifes since Miracle Blade®."
Beverly V. - "Just everytime I've tried to use other knives, I always go back to my Miracle Blades. They're great!"
Marcos S. - "The blades are still sharp after long time of daily use."
Victor M. - "It has literally made cutting up anything absolutely great there isn't a struggle. I love these knives."
Mark L. - "We use them all the time, especially the steak knives."
Juan T. - "I've never have to sharpen them. I don't have to worry about a dull knife ever!"
Larisa O. - "They are awesome."
Pedro R. - "Great knives that never need sharpening."
Kirk T. - "Works flawlessly."
Sue C. - "I love having a different knife for each task whether it's slicing fruit or cutting meat. I also love that I don't have to ever sharpen my knives."
Francisco M. - "It feels great to be assured that the knife I use will not disappoint. I feel confident whenever I use any of the Miracle Blades."
Curtis A. - "I use the all purpose slicer every day for a variety of things."
Theresa C. - "I love to experiment with new recipes, so I love that with my Miracle Blade® Chop 'n Scoop. I can finish chopping my veggies so much quicker and I can join my family so much faster. Thank you!"

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